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From Amsterdam Airport to B&B VillaRia.

By public transportation:

Grotere kaart weergeven

At Schiphol airport you will have to take the train to Ede-Wageningen. This is the Intercity to Nijmegen. The train will depart from platform 1-2. You will arive in Ede-Wageningen at Platform 4. Ede-Wageningen is the fifth stop. This train will take about an hour and departs every 30 minutes.

Now you will have to take the bus to Wageningen. The bus will depart from busstop Ede-Wageningen Zuid, Ede. You will have to take the bus in the direction of Wageningen. You will have to get of the bus at busstop, busstation Wageningen. This is the eleventh stop. The bus will take about 20 minutes.

From the bus station it is a 15 minutes walk to VillaRia.
Leave the bus station at the east side and cross the street at the nearby traffic lights.
Go through a small shopping street (Bevrijdingsstraat) and at the end of this street you will find Hotel, ‘De Wereld’ .

Turn left and follow the old road (Generaal Foulkesweg) for about 800 meters. You will find the Nassauweg at your right side (note that there are two entrances to the Nassauweg from the Generaal Foulkesweg!). Take the second one and you will find B&B VillaRia  in the first house on your right (nr 21).
Instead of going by bus and foot you can, of course, also take a cab at the Ede-side of the railway station. The cab will cost you about 20 euro.

By Car:

Grotere kaart weergeven

Go to the northwestren direction on the departurepassage to Ceintuurbaan North.

After 270 meters go left near Ceintuurbaan North

After 6 meters go right to the Ceintuurbaan North

After 350 meters take the curve right to stay on the Ceintuurbaan North

Ater 350 meters stay on the right by the junction, follow the signs for A4/Utrecht/Haarlem/Amsterdam and merge onto the A4

After 3,2 kilometers stay on the right at junction Badhoevendorp en follow the A9 in the direction of Amstelveen/Utrecht

After 12,3 kilometers stay to the right at junction Holendrecht and follow the signs A2/E35 in the direction of Utrecht

After 26,9 kilometers stay to the right at junction Oudenrijn and follow the signs A12?E30/E35 in the direction of Arnhem

After 2,7 kilometers merge onto the E30/E35 continue on the E35

After 39,9 kilometers take exit 24- Wageningen in the direction of Bennekom

After 600 meters take a left onto the Doctor Willem Dreeslaan/N781 and continue to follow this road

After 3,1 kilometers take the second exit on the roundabout in the direction of Mansholtlaan/N781 Continue to follow this road

After 1,2 kilometers take the second exit on the roundabout in the direction of Diedenweg

After 1,5 kilometers take a right onto the Generaal Foulkesweg

After 650 meters take a left onto the Nassauweg, your destination is located on your right. Nasauweg 21, 6703 CG Wageningen

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